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Try our simple 3-step process to stress relief!

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1. Discover Your Stress

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2. Create a Stress Relief Plan

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3. Track Your Results

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Discover, Plan, Achieve – Your Path to Stress Relief

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Meet the dStress App

Uncover Your Stress, Plan Out Your Strategy and Reap the Rewards

 Embark on a Journey to Lasting Calm and Control.

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Our Features

Powerful AI

dStress uses fine-tuned AI models to provide the best therapy experience.


dStress includes proven stress relief exercises to reduce your stress.

Phone Call Mode

Have deep conversations with phone call mode using just your voice to communicate.

Stress Relief Games

dStress includes stress relief games you can use to unwind.

Now available with every StressGrip

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Your personal Stress Relief Coach

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Unlock the Power of AI for Your Mental Well-being

Are you looking for a convenient and effective way to manage anxiety, improve your mental health, and find support that fits seamlessly into your life? Look no further than dStress – Your stress relief coach. We're here to revolutionize the way you approach mental well-being.

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Personalized Therapy, Anytime, Anywhere

Discover the future of stress relief with our cutting-edge AI technology. Our platform offers personalized therapy sessions that adapt to your unique needs and challenges. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions and hello to a tailor-made experience that evolves with you.

Anxiety Relief
Through Play

We understand that managing anxiety can be challenging. That's why we've integrated anxiety relief games into our platform. These engaging and therapeutic games are designed to help you unwind, learn valuable coping skills, and have fun while doing it.

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Stress Relief Coaches

Sometimes it's hard to find a good therapist and you need something convenient you can get started with right away. This is where dStress comes into play. You can easily download the app and get stress relief coaching right away.

Embrace the Future of Mental Health

At dStress, we're committed to breaking down barriers and making mental health support accessible to all. Our AI-driven approach removes the stigma often associated with seeking help, allowing you to take control of your well-being discreetly and comfortably.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being? Join dStress today and experience the power of stress relief in the palm of your hand.

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Combat Workplace Stress Effectively with dStress App

Discover how our innovative app can transform your business environment, reducing stress-related costs and enhancing employee well-being. Explore dStress App – your strategic tool for fostering a healthier, more productive workplace.

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Manage Stress
Anytime, Anywhere
with dStress

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Make a phone call and engage in therapeutic conversations

dStress provides instant support for stress relief and anxiety management, 24/7.


dStress provides a confidential and safe space to discuss your stress and anxiety concerns.

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Get 3 Stress Relief Tips in Each Video

Dr. dStress posts short videos on YouTube and TikTok. Subscribe for quick tips on common stress relief topics.

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On the Phone

About Us

Paving the Way to an Easier Life

dStress was started by the founders of StressGrip. dStress was released in July of 2023 and continues to grow in popularity. dStress is maintained by the StressGrip team and you can contact them via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dStress and how does it work?

dStress is an AI-driven therapy platform designed to provide mental health support and anxiety relief. Our AI therapist uses advanced algorithms to personalize therapy sessions based on your unique needs and progress. The platform also includes anxiety relief games and access to stress relief tools such as breathing exercise visualizations.

Is AI therapy as effective as traditional therapy?

AI therapy, when combined with traditional therapy methods, can offer effective results. While AI therapy provides accessible and convenient support, it's not a replacement for human interaction. We believe in a holistic approach to mental health, which is why we recommend working with human therapists. We are currently collecting a therapist contact information to create a directory in our app. Therapists can send contact information to

How do the anxiety relief games work?

Our anxiety relief games are designed to engage and help you develop coping skills in an interactive way. These games incorporate mindfulness techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy principles, and relaxation exercises to provide a fun and effective way to manage anxiety and stress.

Is my personal information and data secure on dStress?

Absolutely. We take your privacy seriously. Your personal information and therapy data are encrypted and stored securely. We adhere to strict data protection regulations to ensure your confidentiality and peace of mind while using our platform.

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