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The Full Story


Welcome to L&P Inventions, the driving force behind the revolutionary dStress: Your AI Therapist platform. We're a dynamic team based in the heart of West Chester, Pennsylvania, dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that enhance mental health and well-being.

Speech Therapy Session
Speech Therapy Session

Our Journey and Inspiration

L&P Inventions, LLC, was born from a genuine passion to make a positive impact on people's lives. Co-founded by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Paul and Lauren Richards, our journey began with the creation of the groundbreaking StressGrip. This top-selling stress relief device quickly garnered attention for its efficacy and ability to provide instant relief in today's fast-paced world.

Couples Therapy

Pioneering the Future of Mental Health

With a relentless pursuit of innovation, we've expanded our horizons to the realm of mental health support. Recognizing the pressing need for accessible and effective solutions, we developed dStress: Your AI Therapist. Rooted in years of meticulous research and guided by the expertise of leading professionals in the field, our platform leverages fine-tuned GPT 3.5 models to deliver personalized therapy experiences like never before.

Couples Therapy
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Meet the Visionaries

Paul Richards: Armed with an engineering background and an unwavering curiosity, Paul brings technical brilliance to our endeavors. His dedication to creating solutions that tangibly improve lives is the driving force behind our company's ethos.

Lauren Richards: With a background in psychology and a deep empathy for the human experience, Lauren ensures that our creations resonate with the hearts and minds of our users. Her passion for mental well-being fuels our commitment to providing meaningful support.


Our Philosophy

At L&P Inventions, we believe in the power of combining innovation with empathy. Our products and platforms are designed not just to address problems, but to enhance lives. With dStress: Your AI Therapist, we've harnessed the capabilities of AI to provide therapy experiences that are as unique as you are.

Join the Movement

We invite you to explore our offerings, experience the magic of AI-powered therapy, and join us on our mission to destigmatize seeking help and promote mental well-being for all. Together, let's embrace the future of mental health support.

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