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Product Documentation

What is dStress?

dStress is a modern stress management app available for both iOS and Android. We combine science-backed strategies with modern AI connectivity to provide an interactive self-serve therapy experience.

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters are shown with inspirational quotes throughout the app. By tapping on one of the Conversations Starters it will start a chat with a random dStress Team member using the Conversation Starter as the first chat message.

dStress Team

The dStress Team is accessible via chat or call anytime. Each member of the dStress Team has a unique personality designed to delivery you a modern approach to stress management with the help of AI. The dStress Team uses the latest OpenAI GPT-4 technology to deliver private and secure access.

Conversation Summaries 

Conversation summaries are available for all chat and call sessions you have on dStress. Immediately following any chat or call, you will find your conversation summary available in the timeline. By clicking the information icon, you can check out the key takeaways automatically generated for your review.

dStress Discovery

dStress Discovery is a comprehensive tool designed to provide insights into user stress levels. It begins with a questionnaire, where users rate their stress in five key areas: Emotional Tension, Physical Strain, Cognitive Load, Mood Disruption, and Sleep Disruption, each on a scale of 0-5. This is complemented by inputs on various stress symptoms like difficulty sleeping, headaches, low energy, irritability, and muscle pains. Users can also provide additional context to further personalize the results.

The feature will calculate an overall stress score by summing the category scores and considers the additional context to offer personalized advice. The results are presented on a summary page, displaying the unique stress score and integrating these into the main page's bar chart for a visual representation of stress trends over time. Secure data handling ensures that each session's scores and advice are stored and easily accessible for review. This feature quantifies stress and guides users towards effective stress management strategies, tailored to their specific experiences and symptoms. Once a Stress Score is created, users can instantly launch a chat with the dStress Team to talk through the results and recommendations. 

Relationship Mode

dStress Discovery's Relationship Stress Mode is a feature designed to specifically address and manage the complexities of relationship-related stress. This mode uses a tailored set of questions to gauge stress levels in the context of interpersonal dynamics. Users rate their feelings and experiences in key areas affecting relationships, such as communication, emotional support, and conflict resolution. The algorithm then calculates a unique Relationship Stress Score, offering insights and actionable advice to navigate and improve relationship dynamics. This feature not only helps in identifying underlying stress factors in relationships but also provides constructive strategies to foster healthier, more fulfilling interactions. With Relationship Stress Mode, transform the way you handle relationship challenges into a journey of mutual growth and understanding.

Workplace Mode

dStress Discovery's Workplace Stress Mode is designed to help users manage their work-life balance. This feature focuses on workload, team dynamics, work environment, and work-life balance, to help users can pinpoint specific stressors in their professional life. The system assesses these inputs to generate a Workplace Stress Score, shedding light on the user's current stress levels at work. It goes a step further by offering personalized strategies and tips to effectively manage and reduce workplace stress. Whether it's dealing with deadlines, office relationships, or maintaining work-life harmony, this mode provides practical solutions for a healthier, more productive work environment. Embrace a stress-free workday with insights and tools designed for the modern professional.

Breathing Exercises

The Breathing Exercise tool available in dStress allows you to control your breathing overtime. Users can select from three simple breathing presets or custom their own settings for inhale, exhale and hold times. To visualize your breathing dStress provides circles that fill or unfill as each second passes. For Stress Relief, box breathing is a recomended exercise. For Relaxation, a 4-7-8 pattern is also very useful.


A journal is available in dStress to save your thoughts for later. During any chat or call session with the dStress Team you can save a conversation message by clicking the journal icon under the message. These messages are auto-matically saved in your journal for future use. 


In your dStress Profile, you elect to provide information which will help the dStress Team get to know you better and therefore provide more customized feedback. 

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